About Megan

Who’s Megan?

Me, silly!

  • 30 something traveler
  • Originally from Pittsburgh, PA
  • Did a stint in North Myrtle Beach, SC (bad) and Brooklyn, NY (good-ish)
  • Living in Upstate NY with her husband and two cats
  • Director of Marketing and Communications (current), former award-winning entrepreneur-turned-business-mentor, jewelry dabbler, and home decor obsessor.
  • Yes, I drink a TON of coffee.
  • Hair color varies, black clothes do not

Why “Mighty Megan?”

I’m a fan of alliteration

 Okay, but really

So…I have a ton of blogs, interests, and side hustles, but all of them have specific themes to them and rarely let me get to be “me.” Could I talk about my favorite places in Ireland or my favorite drink ever on Beige House? Maybe, but it’s really not relevant. I started Mighty Megan as an outlet to catalog my personal adventures, my struggles with my body, and my mission to have a beautiful life. Could I just keep all of this to myself? Well…no. I have this compulsion to share because I know how other blogs and outlets have helped me. Maybe I can help one person out there, even if that person is just me.

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