Busy on purpose

May 2, 2017

Most people find my list of projects daunting, and if I were a sane person, I probably would, too. In addition to having a full-time job as a Director of Marketing & Communications, I also blog about what it’s like to be an entrepreneur, a homeowner, and have recently started up a little side project to force me to get out and network. Any of these could be a full-time job if I didn’t play it smart, but I would say I spend more time hanging out with my husband than I do on any of these projects (well, besides the day job).

So how do I do it all?

  1. I set a plan with expectations – what’s the goal for this? For, it’s about spewing out all of the information I learned as an entrepreneur in an effort to help someone else out there struggling. BeigeHouse started as a way to catalog the updates to our house, but that blog was run like a business from Day 1. I knew I wanted to be able to partner with companies and sponsors, so I set out to create a blog that would attract those types of opportunities. ReservedStock is really just a creative outlet that I feel compelled to do; I have no plans to ever let it become big enough to tempt me back to full-time entrepreneur life.
  2. I bring on tools and people to help me – One of my best investments ever was hiring a talented blogger to help me keep content consistent across the two blogs. She writes SEO-based content every week, which allows me the ability to do more authentic posts without having to feel pressured to work on specific things. This also allowed me to take breaks on either of the blogs when I felt like I needed to. In addition to that, I also used a ton of automated tools for my email marketing and social media (more on that later).
  3. Calendars – everything is handwritten on monthly calendars I print out (because I’m a nut and need to write it down, rather than type it out). Social media, blog posts, deadlines where applicable, all of it is scheduled.
  4. Things are done in chunks – blogging gets done in chunks of time and scheduled via the editorial calendar plugin on WordPress. Instagram and Pinterest updates are scheduled ahead of time. When things need to be done on the fly is when I get bogged down and then shut down. Doing things in bulk lets me focus and concentrate.

I won’t┬álie, it can feel totally overwhelming, especially when I throw in the day job, but for the most part, it’s very manageable. If I could give one piece of advice on how to do multiple side┬áhustles at once, it would be this: Invest.

So many people don’t want to spend money on their side hustles, especially if there are no tangible goods. I’m part of a facebook group that usually has a post every other day about how someone needs graphics, or domains, or email marketing, or apps, but they don’t want to pay for it.

Let me tell you one thing I learned far too late into my business: time is finite. The time it would take me to do 3x posts a week on BeigeHouse + 2x posts a week on MB + social…fuck that. I want to spend time with my husband, working on our house, sipping cocktails on our new deck. Investing in my blogs and business helped me get that time so that I don’t resent them and, more importantly, don’t burn out. The investment I make took awhile to recoup, I won’t lie, but I know that my blogs got more attention due to those investments than they would have if I just went it alone.


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