Creating a Better, More Organized March So I Can GTFO

March 1, 2019

My life feels like it’s edging towards disarray, and I might need to make some decisions about what it is I truly want in my life. More and more I realize that I am becoming a squarer peg in a hole that is increasingly rounded. I feel overwhelmed, exasperated, and feel like I’m perceived as lazy when I just want to do work I’m proud of. But I’m increasingly shown that quality is not as valued as quantity, or that’s what they think until shit work comes in that doesn’t convert.

But I’m just in a mood, and that doesn’t make for interesting reading. So instead of feeling trapped and having a pity party, I’ve decided to work on an escape plan. It feels a bit hypocritical: I often tout that I chose to go back to the corporate world, which I did, but now it feels like I’ve gone and gotten stuck in it. It’s time to get unstuck.

A younger Megan would’ve hate-quit and let the chips fall where they may, but I’ve got more people that I’m responsible for and plan to keep myself out of the credit debt cycle. I’ve got my speaking gig at the end of the month that I’m looking forward to, as a sort of “got her entrepreneurial groove back” event. I’ve been putting off working on my side business stuff for awhile now, just due to sleep deprivation, but if I want back out of this cycle of corporate life, I’ve got to work for it, damn it.

So here we are, here’s my plan for this month. Very little of this will make sense to you now, but probably will later:

Better Biz School launched

  • Platform
  • Additional plugins
  • logo

Stop Sucking at Marketing Workbook Created

Stop Sucking at Marketing Slide Deck Completed

… webinar recorded

… teaching platform installed

… landing page created for Alt

Stop Sucking at Marketing Videos Filmed, Edited, Uploaded

Gram Crackers redone

  • Video shot
  • Content redone

Day 1 treatment pitch

Finish 6 MB newsletters

Finish 6 BH newsletters

Finish BH Feb videos and publish

Record March BH vids

200 watches shot and listed

200 jewelry listed

1 jewelry lot shot

10 jewelry supplies shot & listed (cleaning out my stash)

5 books shot and listed

5 miscellaneous items shot and listed (adios, death pile of vintage things)

Does this seem like a lot? It feels like a lot of front-loading work, ut will allow me to get some funnels going again like I used to have. And I know the sooner I launch these, the closer I am to opening that escape hatch. Like “Your Money or Your Life” says: work isn’t what defines you, it’s just what you do in exchange for wages and that’s my mantra on shitty work days. I am not the corporate person that I keep trying to make myself out to be. Instead, I am me. But if I want to be me and earn a living that is more than enough, I’ve got to get my shit together and stop relying on the promise that life is easier when my time is subsidized for someone else’s gain.

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