Today I am thankful

March 18, 2019

I’ve been fairly miserable at my job the past few months, which is a hard position to be in, especially when you’re an advocate for entrepreneurs. I fully admit it was the so-called “golden handcuffs” that kept me there; the lure of the steady paycheck and easy benefits. I always kept my other businesses going, of course, as we all know it’s foolish to rely on one stream of income, but it was a good trade-off of my time.

Lately, though, I’ve been feeling a pull that I’ve been scared to face. My businesses make about half of what my job did, but I truly felt I was never giving adequate time to them. I felt like something needed to change, but to jump into the entrepreneur world right now felt foolish. I should maximize what I’ve got and save as much as I can before pulling the ripcord. But I still became tired, worn down, agitated. I knew this fork was coming up the road and I’d have to choose, but I just. couldn’t.

I even went old school and consulted the tarot cards

They said what I needed to hear but still couldn’t leap.

I’ve been doing mantras a lot lately, thanks to a rekindling love affair with self-help and business audio books (I kept running out of podcasts on the way to work). Most recently, my mantra every day has been:

I am a money magnet / money flows to me / Steve and I have a wonderful life / We are self-employed and living on our own terms

Today was different. Today is the day I was let go from my job due to restructuring. I saw the beginnings of it on the wall: when a business is low on funds, marketing is usually an expendable department. They looked at me as they were telling me the news in a way that I think was steeling themselves for when I began to cry.

But I didn’t cry. I said that was fine, that I knew I wasn’t the right fit for this, and when was my last day.

Today the Universe/God/Fate has brought me the opportunity to live the mantra. I have set my intentions for this, and now here is my chance. And I am so happy today.

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