May 3, 2019

This Spring has come in like a lion to be sure. There feels like so much upheaval has happened, and all of it has been so positive that it almost feels surreal in my life.

First, I was let go from my job which I am so grateful for. They did the push that I was not willing to do for my own self-care, so I am especially thankful that time is now over in my life. I’ve transitioned into new phases of my professional life that I’m not ready to share quite yet, but all good things are happening and I feel revitalized in such a way that I haven’t since I’d re-entered the corporate world.

I won’t lie and pretend that the financial security we’d become used to isn’t scary, but Steve and I have finally reached the level of adulthood where we can bob and weave and make due as best as we can…and still have money to splurge on plants (I cannot help this!)

The other transition is finding out that the person who is my oldest/longest-standing friendship (however you say it) is now living their life as queer and transitioning into the opposite gender. At first, it was shocking, as I never envisioned that they would be trans, but I am full of happiness for them. For so many years I was very worried about getting a phone call with devastating news about….things I don’t want to consider ever coming true, so it feels like a weight off my own shoulders to see them genuinely happy and comfortable in their own skin.

Sometimes I reflect on the changes that happen in my life over the span of a year, month, whatever, and so many of them are completely unpredictable. In a past world of mine, that would’ve made me fraught with existential dread and anxiety, but now I feel thankful and excited. Possibilities are endless and there are always new opportunities, and I welcome them into my life

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